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1. How much is the cost for using MediHome?
2. Is my data shared with others?
3. Where can I buy the blood glucose test strips?
4. Can 2 User's profile added in 1 tablet?

Product - Clever Chek
1. Can I use my iPhone to retrieve my vital signs from the devices?
2. Can the BP/BG measurement be taken without the tablet?
3. How many offline measurements can be stored in the Clever Chek Device?
4. How to upload measurement data to cloud?
5. Can I share my measurement data with my family members/doctor?
6. Can I share the Clever Chek device with my family members?
7. Do I need to have a MediHome account to use the system?
8. Can I use other brand of lancets or test strips on Clever Chek device?

Troubleshooting Guide
1. Clever Chek do not display anything after pushing button?
2. Clever Chek does not display a message after inserting a test strip?
3. Why data can’t be uploaded after pressed ‘Tap to Upload’ button?
4. The test did not start after applying blood sample onto the test strip?
5. If you turn off the device but it keeps beeping?

1. Terms and conditions ?


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