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MobileHealth2U in collaboration with HSC Medical Center, brings you the unique, first of
its kind service in Malaysia and the World, a service we have branded as MediHome.

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6. 2012-06-18 Akses rekod pesakit di internet
MOBILE Health Sdn Bhd, muncul syarikat pertama di dunia memperkenalkan sistem pengawasan kesihatan bersepadu, MobileHealth2U yang membolehkan pesakit atau doktor mengakses rekod kesihatan mereka di mana-mana saja menerusi internet.

7. 2012-06-06 Bringing World-Class Care Solutions to the Home
In the near future, keeping a health monitoring system would become more affordable, says Teoh Seng Jing CEO of Mobile Health Sdn Bhd. Individuals and families who need to keep track of their basic medical measurements of vital signs could subscribe on a monthly plan just similar to cable and Internet subscription.

8. 2012-01-13 苏志雄醫生

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