MediHome provides the following value add. Track your vital signs any time, at any place and
even going on travel. Your data is available to you on any computer from wherever you are.

MediHome - The Next Generation of Home Care Solution
About MediHome Services

The widespread use of mobile phones and internet enable us to create a paradigm shift in consumers' demand for healthcare services. MobileHealth2U "re-engineer" the healthcare delivery system to empower the individual to take charge of their own health at affordable cost through self-monitoring at home.

MobileHealth2U in collaboration with HSC Medical Center, brings you the unique, innovative, first of its kind service in Malaysia and in the region, a service we have branded as MediHome.

With MediHome, you can now play an active role in DIY health assessment at the convenience of your home. You can measure your vital signs (eg. ECG, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Oximetry, etc) daily via our easy to use medical devices and store your test results electronically and securely.

Your data is available to you on any computer from wherever you are.

MediHome provides the following value add:-
MediHome Solution

  • View, Store and Analyze your Personal Health Records (PHR) whenever you feel like it

  • Trending, tracking and self-monitoring of your health vital signs

  • Free yourself from the hassle of searching for your Medical Reports when you need it

  • Personal Health Records easily available in time of emergencies

  • Online sharing of Personal Health Records with your family members and care providers