MediHome- FAQ

MobileHealth2U in collaboration with HSC Medical Center, brings you the unique, first of
its kind service in Malaysia and the World, a service we have branded as MediTrieve.

MediHome Solution

Product - Clever Chek

Can I use my iPhone to retrieve my vital signs from the devices?

No, our App only runs on Android devices at the moment. iOS version will be available in the near future.

Can the BP/BG measurement be taken without the tablet?
Yes, you can take the measurement without the tablet.

How many offline measurements can be stored in the Clever Chek Device?
The device can store up to 352 offline measurements.

How to upload measurement data to cloud?
- If your Clever Chek device is ‘off’, press the ‘Bluetooth’ button on your device (until blue light blinking on the top left corner) then press the ‘Tap to Upload’ button in your tablet to upload data.

- If you are in the measurement stage, after your device had displayed your measurement result, then press the ‘Tap to Upload’ button in your tablet to upload data.

Can I share my measurement data with my family members/doctor?
Yes, if you had added your family member or doctor into your family list.

Can I share the Clever Chek device with my family members?
The Clever Chek device is meant for single user measurement. Sharing the device to family members will cause the measurement data to mix together as a single user. Thus there is no way for MediHome System to identify the measurement data.

Do I need to have a MediHome account to use the system?
Not exactly. You may use the device in an offline manner. However, to experience the full advantage of MediHome, it is necessary to have a user account.

Can I use other brand of lancets or test strips on Clever Chek device?
No. Only Clever Chek brand lancets and test strips can be used for Clever Chek device.