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Blood Pressure Guidelines

Blood Pressure management
Clinical studies show that the adult diabetes are often accompanied by elevated blood pressure. People with diabetes can reduce their heart risk by managing their blood pressure along with diabetes treatment*2. Knowing your routine blood pressure trend tells whether your body is in good condition or not. Human blood pressure naturally increases after reaching middle age.

This symptom is a result of continuous aging of the blood vessel. Further causes include obesity, lack of exercise, and cholesterol (LDL) adhering to the blood vessels. Rising of blood pressure accelerates hardening of the arteries, and the body becomes more susceptible to apoplexy and coronary infarction. The WHO (world health organization) published the guideline of blood pressure range.

Source: 1999 WHO/ISH guidelines for the management of hypertension *2: American Diabetes Association: The Diabetes-Heart Disease Link Surveying Attitudes, Knowledge and Risk (2002)

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